10 Mistakes Hip hop Artists Make On Facebook.

Twitter has emerged among the most powerful social marketing tools. Twitter is the home for a lot of hip hop artists throughout the word. Even though Twitter is kind of new, there are already hip hop artists such as Sean Combs whom had success with advertising on twitter. However, there as also been many people who have made some mistakes in terms of branding themselves on twitting.

I have compiled a directory of the 10 most frequent mistakes reggae tumblr artists make while utilizing twitter:

1. Adding too many people in the past. So you want to help brand yourself, yet you'e got 50 folks following you, while you're following 2, 001? How does that genuinely portray you? If not only making you look extremely desperate it also shows that you're not on twitter to create relationships with people, only to gain a large amount of followers so that you can spam them with the links. Take it slow, let the follows appear naturally.

2. Bad photo. Using photos of inanimate objects on your own avatar

or profile picture, even worse-not using any profile photo at social media all. People feel more comfortable interacting with people online when they know they are communicating with a authentic person.

3. Posting nothing but absolutely random drivel daily. While this could work if you are only using the system to connect with friends and family, if you are applying Twitter for business you then should post meaningful messages that can help you grow your brand. You can post advertisements, updates, and links to articles offering value to people inside your network. You can also post humorous tweets and also other more personal tweets just be sure that they are interesting.

4. Using the default facebook layout. If you are a professional and desire to be seen as so, take a few min's to either create information packed twitter background, or at least one thing with some style. Who knows, you might even get featured within the article about twitter floor plans and end up gaining plenty of subscribers because of that.

5. Carrying on long chats between two users. The temptation to use Twitter like an IM service is at this time there, but to fill the timeline with replies to an individual in a short span of time is aggravating enough to create other followers reach with the unfollow button. If you sense your convo will drag with, use direct messages, or better yet, just call the person the unit.

6. Not making regular Tweets updates. If you want to achieve followers on Twitter, you need to article updates or tweets one or more times a day. You can't expect individuals to follow you if they identify that the last message on the feed was posted a few weeks ago.

7. Failing to add yourself to twitter directories. You want to gain followers however, you don't add yourself to places found. Directories such as Blacktwitters.com and Hiphopontwitter.com or powerful places to add yourself and be found by twitter users. Blacktwitters is a twitter directory for African American twitters.

8. Tweeting famous people. Nothing looks more obscured then to see unknown hip hop artists tweeting circumstances to Jim Jones like routed you my mixtap however, you didn't respond.? This makes you look bad to your network and it's of poor quality.

9. Selling in your tweets. You want to notify people about your manufacturer? Do it in ones bio. Put your URL right now there and leave it at that. Focus your time and creating quality filled twitting. If they like a person, they'll look into that which you do because they delight in what you're saying and believe you're a valuable source, not just someone who spams the twitter entire world with random 揵uy your hot song.

10. Dising other hip get artists. Internet beef are very weak. Beefing with other stylish artists on twitter is dumb.

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